Unusual accommodation in the heart of the Hautes Alpes

What if you put a bit of fantasy into your camping holidays?

Are you looking for unusual accommodation in Serre Chevalier, an unusual hut in Briançon or an unusual refuge in the Pays des Ecrins? Are you looking for a cabin, a refuge or an unusual accommodation in the Hautes Alpes? It looks like you’ve found it! In summer? Of course! And in winter? Also!!!

Destination Finland

Luxury kota with private Nordic bath

With the Destination Finland, you will be an adventurer in slippers, a trapper in the living room!

Indeed, if our other kotas are not connected to the water and therefore have no sanitary facilities, Destination Finland is connected to the water, and offers you the luxury, in addition to a 2m² Italian shower, of a private Nordic bath on the large outdoor terrace, which is just as private… Yes, a Nordic bath for you alone, with LEDs and hydromassage jets, to enjoy a warm, very warm outdoor bath in any season. So in winter, when the campsite is covered in snow… wooooooow…

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Our montains hut

If you like the camping atmosphere and you are not opposed to the use of collective sanitary facilities, but you are still looking for the comfort of a real bed and a fully equipped kitchen, our unusual accommodation represents an excellent compromise…

Indeed, in our kotas, without water and without sanitary facilities, you will find the camping spirit of the common space and of a life essentially turned towards the outside, you will share the conviviality of the collective sanitary facilities, but you will also benefit from all the comfort of a roof over your head, with quality bedding, a kitchenette and all the necessary equipment for 3, 4 or 6 people.

Camping without a tent, in one of our unusual accommodations in Serre Chevalier and Briançon, is possible……


Up to 3 brave climbers

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Up to 4 daring explorers

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Summer Winter

Up to 6 brave adventurers

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An atypical experience in a typical Nordic refuge

locatoin de kotas

For a weekend or a holiday with your partner, family, friends or colleagues, discover our Finnish kotas, these small huts which, etymologically, mean “hunting shelters” and which originate from the Sami, an indigenous people of Lapland. The principle is a small, hexagonal, rustic, all-wooden hut with a fireplace in the middle to fulfil its fundamental role: to protect oneself from the cold!

In our revisited kotas, in summer and winter, you will find the soul of a trapper eager for wide open spaces or of an adventurer on a quest to conquer the Great North. As in the hut spirit, 7 of our 8 kotas are not equipped with water or sanitary facilities. As in the spirit of the refuge, you will find, however, collective sanitary facilities nearby, which are heated in winter. This is also the soul and the life of an adventurer!

No, you won’t be sleeping on the ground around the fire, we’ve put real beds in… We’ve also added a kitchenette equipped with a fridge, microwave oven, coffee maker and gas fire to these unusual accommodations. On the private outdoor terrace, you will find the comfort of a table and chairs and can grill the products of your hunting or fishing on the gas grill!

Our kotas for 3, 4 or 6 people invite you to share a common living and sleeping space for a few days, to live in community in the warmth and simplicity of a typical Finnish or Lappish refuge, to dream of distant destinations and adventures… 5 minutes from Briançon and in the heart of the Pays des Ecrins and the Serre Chevalier Valley!

Each kota is named after a destination that will invite you to a total immersion in the life of an adventurer. Each interior is indeed unique, the decoration and colours representing the destination or the adventurer highlighted.

Unheated, our 3 and 4 person kotas are available for rent in spring and summer.
One of our 6-person kotas is heated, so you can stay there in winter.

Our other accommodation

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