A campsite where children are king

Our vision of a family campsite is a campsite run by a family, for families… So it’s not surprising that at the 3-star Iscle de Prelles campsite, children are kings…

A completely enclosed space of freedom



– Honey, where are the kids?

– “They are playing with their friends!

– “Yes I suspect so, but do you know where they are?”

– Don’t worry about them, the park is completely fenced in, they’re probably at the playground, or the trampoline, or maybe mini-golf. Oh no, look, I’ve just seen Kevin cycling past with his new mates!

– Yes, you’re right, I’ll stop worrying. Well then, I’m going to the swimming pool, maybe I’ll bump into Lea at the games library.

– I’m going to take advantage of this to find a top hike for tomorrow. Yesterday we were in the Pays des Ecrins, tomorrow we’ll discover the Serre Chevalier Briançon valley »


A Children’s Club for 4 – 10 year olds

If freedom is the basis of a successful Détent’Tonique stay, the children remain of course under the responsibility of the parents…

… Except during the hours of the children’s club, from Monday to Friday from 10.30 am to 12 noon… you entrust them to our activity leader… they meet the other children of the campsite… they have fun through playful activities… they learn and grow thanks to the educational activities…

… And you, during this time? You know the answer! You Pro-Fit!

Kids club

Activities and services for all ages

Before or after the kids’ club, there is always something for the children to explore. The playground, including the trampoline, is THE meeting point for children. Ahhhh the trampoline! We take off our shoes and jump, we chat, we do challenges, we make up stories…

And when, in the manner of adults, we have finished remaking the world, we go to the campsite reception to borrow equipment, golf clubs to compete in the 9 holes of the mini-golf, rackets and a ball to play ping-pong, a volleyball, a basketball, a football… everything is there, all you have to do is ask… politely, taking care of the equipment…

A bike race ? 3 – 2 – 1 – Gooooo ! And to make sure that no one is left behind, you can rent bikes at the campsite reception. Yes, there are small, medium and large bikes for all ages.

For more quiet moments, the children can choose a book or a comic book in the library or discover a board game in the games library. As with the ice cream bought at the snack bar, the books and games can be eaten on the spot or taken away! As for the chickens, they are delighted when the children give them the peelings from the previous day’s meal…

There is no doubt that the table football will also find its place in the busy schedule of children, young and old. A real table football for wild games… and as much as you want… because to play, you don’t even have to ask your parents for a coin!

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