A complete range of Mobile Homes at l’Iscle de Prelles

At the 3 star campsite of l’Iscle de Prelles, you will inevitably find the mobile home that suits your needs. We believe that everyone, whatever their budget, has the right to stay at our campsite and discover our sumptuous territory of the Hautes Alpes and the Briançonnais…

Put your bags down, settle in and enjoy…

We regularly renovate and maintain our mobile homes (benches, floors, bathrooms…) as if we were on holiday ourselves. We also make it a point of honour to offer you quality bedding, because a good day, sometimes interspersed with a good nap, begins and ends with a good night…

Whatever the exposure of your mobile home, east, west, south, the 4 hectares shaded park will be your garden: a vast space of freedom to play, run, cycle, and of course take advantage of the large swimming pool, the petanque ground, the mini-golf, the snack bar, and in general of all the activities and services of the campsite…


24m² • 4 to 6 pers • 2 bedrooms

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26m² • 4 to 7 pers • 2 bedrooms

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26m² • 4 to 6 pers • 2 bedrooms

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21m² • 4 pers • 2 bedrooms

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20m² • 4 pers • 2 bedrooms
Without water and sanitation

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Spring and summer stays

Séjour Été

The campsite is open all year round, but at 1100m altitude, winter is very cold! This is an opportunity for winter sports, but even when heated, the mobile homes are not insulated enough to open them for rental before the end of April.

The mobile homes can therefore be booked from the end of April until they close on the first weekend in October, so you can enjoy the region as soon as the temperatures become milder. Just 5 minutes from Briançon, l’Iscle de Prelles is ideally situated for exploring the 5 Valleys, discovering the sumptuous landscapes and panoramas of the Pays des Ecrins, Serre Chevalier and the Clarée, and practising some of the many activities on offer on the trails, on the mountainside, in white water or even in the air…

For a winter stay in the resort of Serre Chevalier, we offer other accommodation (chalets and unusual accommodation), as well as a range of adapted services.

Winter stays


Mobile Home ? Mobil Home ?
Mobilhome ? Mobil-Home ?

What is the correct spelling ?

It is most often spelt “mobile home” and “mobil-home”. And both are accepted by the dictionary! The first, “mobile home”, is the original spelling, taken directly from the English word. The second, “mobil-home”, is considered to be the beginning of the French language. Eventually, some predict that the spelling “mobilome”, fully francized, will become the norm.
It should be noted that “mobil home” is also used, but if one really wants to use a French vocabulary, one can speak of “résidence mobile”.

You may think that spelling doesn’t matter? Yes… but no!

– Yes…” I can only agree: it doesn’t matter how you write it, the main thing is that you have a good time!
– But no! : shhhh, this is between us, but this paragraph is essentially there to optimize our visibility on search engines, or more exactly to make sure that whatever your search on the internet, you have the joy, the pleasure, and the chance to discover our website. In concrete terms, if we used “mobile home” as the only spelling, Google might not display the Iscle de Prelles campsite if your search was “mobile home Briançon”, “mobile home camping Serre Chevalier” or “mobile home 5 Vallées”.

Our other accommodation

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