Pitches and services for motorhomes and vans

If the motor home, boosted in recent years by the “phenomenon” of the converted van, is gaining more and more followers, it is most certainly because this mode of travel and stay develops a feeling of absolute freedom. So if you’re going to be free, you might as well be free in all seasons!

Summer, winter, spring, autumn, you choose the season...

Emplacement pour camping-car

The Iscle de Prelles campsite is open all year round, from the Christmas holidays to the first weekend in October, and is one of the last caravan parks in the Hautes Alpes. In summer and winter, we welcome you with your family.

  • Are you looking for a camping – caravanning site in the valley of Serre Chevalier, Briançon, La Salle les Alpes, Le Monetier ? Hello, we are here!
  • A campsite in the Pays des Ecrins, Vallouise, Puy Saint Vincent, Pelvoux, Les Vigneaux ? Cuckoo again!
  • A camping-car site in the Clarée valley, Névache, La Vachette, Les Alberts ? Cuckoo again!
  • A van pitch in Montgenèvre ? It’s further away, but we’re here too!

Whether you are in sporty discovery mode “1 night and hop, next step”, in express discovery mode “a few nights and zou, I continue”, or in quiet discovery mode “I settle down and we’ll see”, we will welcome you with the same enthusiasm to make you discover, near the campsite, the richness of our territory, its activities, its hikes and its landscapes, its heritage, its history…

As far as pitches are concerned, we have thought of you… Motorhomes will prefer pitches of 100 to more than 150m², fitted vans will feel good on a fitted van pitch of 80 to 100m², but the reverse is also possible. Some will opt for a grassy pitch, others will prefer a stabilised ground. In the shade or in the sun? It’s up to you…

In summer, you will never be far from one of our 4 sanitary facilities. In winter, we will install you near our heated sanitary facilities…

You can fill up with water and empty your black water and chemical toilets. On the other hand, we are not currently equipped with a pit for emptying your grey water. In Briançon you will find service areas where you can empty your car.

Are you looking for a place to stay in a motorhome or van in a campsite with a large heated pool? Are you visiting Serre Chevalier, Briançon, Vallouise or Névache for one or more nights? Our booking tool will allow you to check our availability, consult our rates and of course book your stay. It’s last minute, you are already in Briançon? Contact us for any information…

Availabilities / Tariffs


Of course, electricity is available on almost all of our pitches, and you can choose between 4, 6 and 10 amps.

If you don’t know what current you need, we will be happy to advise you, depending on the appliances you wish to connect…

Here is a little tutorial, also valid for tent and caravan sites, to calculate the number of amperes needed:

Definitions : The ampere is the unit of measurement of the intensity of the electric current, the watt is the unit of measurement of the electric power. Knowing that, we are not more advanced, but it will help us for the continuation…

Principle: In fact the principle is very simple, you add up the power needed by your electrical appliances (so the sum of the watts), divide by 230, and you get the current (so the number of amperes) needed…

Examples: You want to plug in your fridge (200 watts), some lights (the number of watts is indicated on the bulb) and your mobile phone, then 4 amps are more than enough. If you want to add a coffee machine (800 watts) and a toaster (800 watts) for breakfast, then 6 amps are needed. If you also regularly use a microwave (1000 watts) or a kettle (2000 watts), then 10 amperes are needed…

In winter, the Iscle de Prelles moves to the foot of the slopes!

In any case, that’s one way of looking at it!

We understand that one of the great interests of the motorhome is also one of its constraints: when you want to move, you also move your house…

This is why, and because it is impossible to move the campsite to the foot of the slopes, it is the campsite, or more exactly the free shuttle bus of the campsite, which will take you to the foot of the slopes, more precisely to the foot of the Prorel cable car in Briançon, which will take you to the top of Serre Chevalier.

Winter pitches

télécabines ski montagne

Camping or parking !

Autonomy is of course one of the great advantages of the motor home and, to a lesser extent, the converted van. This autonomy, which has become a certain way of life, or even a way of being, leads some motorhome owners to prefer service areas or even free car parks.

« I am autonomous, why should I pay to sleep when I can park for free ? »

  • Where is the soul and carefree holiday feeling in a car park?
  • Is it nice to have the camper van on the right and the van on the left as your only horizon?
  • Is there shade at a service area? And grass? Is there grass to set up your table? Or is it all asphalt?
  • Not too brightly lit at night?
  • Is there a swimming pool? Can you enjoy a drink in a friendly atmosphere in the middle of nature, a few metres from the Durance river? Is there a petanque court? Ping-pong tables?
  • And the children? Where do they play?
  • Are there comfortable showers and toilets? Heated? A washing machine?

At Camping Iscle de Prelles there is a car park, but it is a visitor’s car park, where you are not allowed to sleep. We don’t just sell you a parking space to sleep in, we sell you a motorhome pitch to make you comfortable and enjoy all the services and activities of a 3-star campsite…

Planning a trip in a caravan or a tent ?

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