Covid : It’s behind us… but we remain careful…

Covid 19 cancellation insurance

With CampezCouvert, book with peace of mind

Campez Couvert We have selected CampezCouvert, the undisputed leader in cancellation insurance for the outdoor hotel industry. Thanks to their Covid extension, if you were forced to cancel your stay because you or one of your family members tested positive for Covid 19, or if you were in contact with the virus, or if in general this virus prevented you from coming to the campsite, then you are insured and all the sums paid would be refunded to you.

This insurance will be invoiced to you, as an option, at 2.9% of the total amount of your reservation. This is strictly and exactly the amount that will be charged to us by CampezCouvert: we do not take any margin on this insurance, and this is the least we can do!

If your stay proves impossible because of a confinement or an administrative closure of the campsite, then it is the campsite which undertakes to reimburse you all the sums paid. We will of course also offer you a credit note of this amount if you wish to postpone your stay to another date, but if you choose a refund, we will refund you…

Covid 19 Health Protocol

  • We commit ourselves to :Respecting the recommendations of the health authorities and the health plan set up by the outdoor hotel industry.
  • To train our teams in barrier procedures and sanitary protocols, and to provide them with protective equipment.
  • Put in place signage reminding us of the barrier measures and social distancing, as well as the new circulation plans adapted for public areas (reception, sanitary facilities, games room etc.).
  • Provide hydro-alcoholic gel, disinfectant or soap for clients and staff in the main gathering places and raise awareness at frequent contact points.
  • Carry out a rigorous and reinforced virucidal cleaning of common areas and sanitary facilities several times a day and of accommodation at each change of clients, in accordance with the sanitary plan

For communal sanitary facilities

We have condemned equipment that does not allow for social distancing (e.g. contiguous sinks).

Where possible, we set up a direction of circulation by marking the entrance and exit of the building.

We increased the frequency of cleaning from one to three times a day by adapting the cleaning and disinfection procedures.

For swimming in the pool

We will follow the regulatory requirements regarding capacity, which will be displayed at the entrance to the pool and monitored by our teams.

We apply strict standards to treat the water in our pools in order to inactivate micro-organisms, including viruses. This means that the water in our pools complies fully with the standards of the Public Health Code. The pools are checked several times a day.

We increase the frequency of cleaning and disinfection of the surfaces and equipment of the aquatic area, in particular the toilets, handrails, handles, gates…

For accommodation

We have adapted our cleaning procedures with extra care. We are strengthening our cleaning teams.

Systematic disinfection will be carried out inside and outside the accommodation, in particular, on all points of contact with regulatory products.

We have removed pillows, duvets and bedspreads. We ask you, exceptionally this year, to bring them along with your bed linen.

We will ask guests to remove disposable mattress covers from their mattresses and pillows themselves, put them in a bin bag and deposit them in the containers provided.

The accommodation is ventilated during the cleaning process.


Access to campsites and activities

The whole part below is obsolete… To our great pleasure…

But you can see below the rules we had set up for the sanitary pass…

The campsite is now open to all and without condition, except the respect of the others and the campsite rules…


The Sanitary Pass is now a concrete reality, which is imposed from 21 July on all structures offering recreational and cultural activities. The FNHPA, the professional federation to which we belong, has given us the following instructions: we have two choices :

  • either we ask for the sanitary pass at the entrance of the campsite, and then all the activities are freely accessible, including, as far as we are concerned, the swimming pool and the snack bar. The presentation of a 48h PCR test is valid, and it remains valid for the whole stay, whatever the length of the stay.
  • or we allow holidaymakers to enter without presenting their health pass, in which case access to the swimming pool and the snack bar would be subject to the presentation of a PCR test less than 48 hours old, each time they enter one of the premises.

I would like to make it clear that this does not apply to children.

Here is what we decided :

Finally a mix of the 2 formulas. When you enter the campsite :

  • either we scan your sanitary pass, and we will give you a bracelet that will give you unrestricted access to the facilities.
  • or you don’t show us your sanitary pass, you won’t be refused entry to the campsite, but you won’t have access to the facilities until you come to validate a PCR test for the rest of your stay.

-> I strongly advise you, if you have not been vaccinated, to carry out a PCR test in the 48 hours preceding your arrival at our campsite.

We have to adapt to this new context, which I am convinced will in no way spoil your holiday or the pleasure we have in making our campsite radiate joy.


7 June 2021

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